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Meet Sacha Chambers, 
a rising star in the world of voice-over.

A versatile voice actor with an impressive range, Sacha combines her natural ability as a storyteller with creative precision to deliver quality, professional voiceovers for all types of media. 


Her soothing and direct tone is a perfect match for corporate videos and online advertisements, creating a sense of professionalism and credibility. At the same time, Sacha's innate comedic timing and dramatic flair make her an exceptional choice for video games, animation projects, and captivating audiobooks. Her ability to bring characters to life and evoke emotions sets her apart, ensuring that your project will leave a lasting impression.

If you're in need of a fresh and talented voice to give your projects that extra spark, call now. 


Operators are standing by. 

Broadcast quality studio, Rhode NT1A, Source Connect, Zoom/Skype & phone patch capable 

What's her story?

With her recent victories in the Ultimate VO Survivor Competition, where she claimed both 1st and 2nd Place in Audience Choice and secured 1st Place in the Audiobook/Narration Semi-Final, Sacha has solidified her status as an emerging force in the industry.


Sacha's journey to voice-over is anything but ordinary.


After training in an acting conservatory, Sacha took a surprising detour, immersing herself in the art of glassblowing for two decades. Living and working in Montreal, she even learned French by ear, adding another layer to her diverse skill set. Returning to her native Los Angeles, Sacha continued to explore and expand her experience, working as a bartender, a fundraiser, and a Pilates instructor.


Sacha is undoubtedly a Jackée-of-all-trades, but she is a master of one: telling a good story.

With a background that weaves together her skills in acting, communication and craftsmanship, Sacha brings a unique flavor and attention to detail to every script. Whether she's lending her voice to a commercial, an animated character, an audiobook, or a corporate narration, Sacha possesses the remarkable ability to tell a story in a mesmerizing way, leaving her audience yearning for more.



Prepare to be charmed and entertained by Sacha Chambers, the voice-over actor who defies expectations, ignites imagination and creates magic that lingers long after the final word is spoken

Connect with Sacha

Agent: Portia Scott

Coast To Coast Talent Group 

Tel: 323-845-9200

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